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Stitches: A Memoir

Overview: In his New York Times # 1 Bestseller graphic memoir, David Small recounts his childhood and adolescence in Midwestern USA during the 1950s, relaying the simultaneous whimsy and trepidation inherently embedded in the universal process of growing up.  Suffering … Continue reading

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100 Panels of Twain

Mark Twain, Jean Morvan, Frederique Voulyze, Severine de Fevebvre. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Classics Illustrated Deluxe #4. Papercutz, 2009. Print. Character- The Adventures of Tom Sawyer does a fantastic job of creating character, giving each one the unique voice it … Continue reading

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A.D.: New Orleans After the Flood

Overview: In his web comic turned graphic novel, A.D.: New Orleans After the Flood, Josh Neufeld follows the stories of five real-life Katrina survivors along with their friends and family, chronicling the experiences of these disaster-braving people before, during, and after … Continue reading

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Feature: Graphic Novels in High School Libraries

In researching other online platforms advocating for the usage of graphic novels in the classroom as a contemporary, relevant genre of literature, I stumbled across this great roundtable discussion, facilitated by Josh Hogan on Graphic Novel Reporter, with three high … Continue reading

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Hello there!

First, an introduction for myself; then, one for the “The Unwritten.” My name is John Sines, and I have maintained an affectionate relationship with the comic book / graphic novel medium for some time now. I grew up with the … Continue reading

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Black Hole…indeed

Character – Character development was pretty good for the two or three main characters. It is accomplished through dialogue and actions of the characters. For example, the reader discovers that the main female character, Chris, is popular and generally wants to … Continue reading

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There and Back Again

Dixon, Charles. Illustrated by David Wenzel.The Hobbit: An Illustrated Edition of the Fantasy Classic. by J.R.R. Tolkien. Del Rey Fantasy. New York, NY 2001 Character- The Hobbit (and Tolkien’s work more generally) have character development based on narrator exposition, in … Continue reading

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Time To Get Literary

So, it seemed as though there was a general agreement on examining how graphic novels meet the requirements of literature, or the “Literary Components.” (hereon referred to as LCs) Lists differ, but I think a solid place to start would … Continue reading

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