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Saving the Day, One Nerd at a Time

Hi, folks!  Thanks for bearing with us through our conclusions, and sticking around to hear our reviews pertaining to the literary quality of some great graphic novels.  To round off our more serious discussion of what we would call the … Continue reading

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Conclusions, Sweet Conclusions

I entered into this project with an already deep affection for the graphic novel (and comic book) medium. I love the ways in which images and words are allowed to intermingle and build upon each other. I have for a … Continue reading

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The merit of the Graphic Novel

I never thought I could go to check out a graphic novel tell the (smirking) librarian, “no I really am reading this for a project,” but it has happened. After perusing the comic book collections of friends and eBay, standing for … Continue reading

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A Collusion on Conclusions (Hopefully)

This picture, and the others in this post, come from the popular manga Full Metal Alchemist, starring the young man with the metal arm, Edward Elric. The series is widely acclaimed for dealing with issues about the line between science … Continue reading

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A Reader’s Tale of Maus: A Survivor’s Tale

Overview: Maus: A Survivor’s Tale is the author’s memoir of listening to his father – Vladek Spiegelman – talk about his experiences before and during the second world war as a Polish Jew. The book switches back and forth from … Continue reading

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The WWWWWH of Graphic Novels

After a few months of additional exploratory graphic novel reading, I’m finding myself more compelled than ever to make a case for this genre in the classroom, and to back up my initial desire to expand my knowledge about this … Continue reading

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A Written Review of The Unwritten

Character: Character’s come to life this in a few different ways. First and foremost is their actions and their words – as with any other story. But what is unique to The Unwritten is the size of the letters and … Continue reading

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