Saving the Day, One Nerd at a Time

Hi, folks!  Thanks for bearing with us through our conclusions, and sticking around to hear our reviews pertaining to the literary quality of some great graphic novels.  To round off our more serious discussion of what we would call the necessity of incorporating this medium into the curriculum of schools nationwide, I thought I’d indulge everyone in something a little more frivolous: our favorite pop culture, fellow comic book nerds!  Enjoy.

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj of The Big Bang Theory.  They may have their doctorates in Physics and other impossible subjects, but their near-genius status doesn’t prevent them from knowing the merits of a great comic.  Obviously all four are particularly partial to the super sonic reflexes of The Flash.

Supposedly based on every comic book guy in America, we love The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy for his wit and quips.  Drop on by his shop to pick up the latest and greatest in the world of comics.

Harvey Pekar.  This guy loved comics so much that he developed his own autobiographical series, American Splendor, that was later made into an award winning film starring Paul Giamatti. Embracing all that is mundane, we love Pekar’s statement that “ordinary life is pretty complex stuff.”

That’s all for now, you readers out there in the blogosphere.  Hope everyone is having a smooth ending to the school year and lovely transition into a sweet, sunny summer.  ‘Til next time!


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