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Conclusions, Sweet Conclusions

I entered into this project with an already deep affection for the graphic novel (and comic book) medium. I love the ways in which images and words are allowed to intermingle and build upon each other. I have for a … Continue reading

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A Reader’s Tale of Maus: A Survivor’s Tale

Overview: Maus: A Survivor’s Tale is the author’s memoir of listening to his father – Vladek Spiegelman – talk about his experiences before and during the second world war as a Polish Jew. The book switches back and forth from … Continue reading

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A Written Review of The Unwritten

Character: Character’s come to life this in a few different ways. First and foremost is their actions and their words – as with any other story. But what is unique to The Unwritten is the size of the letters and … Continue reading

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Hello. My name is John Sines.

   I was born an uneducated and illiterate infant without any motor skills in the city of Annapolis. In the years following my birth, I constantly labored to develop myself. Learning to read and write rudimentary sentences was especially difficult … Continue reading

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Hello there!

First, an introduction for myself; then, one for the “The Unwritten.” My name is John Sines, and I have maintained an affectionate relationship with the comic book / graphic novel medium for some time now. I grew up with the … Continue reading

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