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Mommy, writer, dreamer and teacher. Grew up on a farm in Southern Maryland and has a fondness for tractors, pick-up trucks, tractor pulls and playing in the dirt. I don't know what I want and will be the first to admit it...just check out my blogs and you'll see what I mean.

The merit of the Graphic Novel

I never thought I could go to check out a graphic novel tell the (smirking) librarian, “no I really am reading this for a project,” but it has happened. After perusing the comic book collections of friends and eBay, standing for … Continue reading

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Jane Eyre via Classics Illustrated

Based upon the novel by Charlotte Bronte. Helene Lecar, ed., Sidney Miller, art director. Jane Eyre. Classics Illustrated #39. Gilberton Company, Inc. 1974. Print. Character – While there was not the depth of development of character that can be found … Continue reading

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Black Hole…indeed

Character – Character development was pretty good for the two or three main characters. It is accomplished through dialogue and actions of the characters. For example, the reader discovers that the main female character, Chris, is popular and generally wants to … Continue reading

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“You haven’t read that?!”

The comics I read are recommendations from friends who are “in the know,” so I’ve actually never read one that I didn’t like. I have by no means read “a lot” of comics, but I’ve read a few and talked … Continue reading

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