Links We ♥

A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge

Did you know that Josh Neufeld’s “comics reportage” of Hurricane Katrina was originally released as a web comic on Smith Magazine, featuring video and audio interview clips with the characters in the novel?  Check out the online version of the story here, read Neufeld’s blog, and much, much more!

♥  American Library Association’s “Great Graphic Novels for Teens”

Inundated with the myriad of graphic novels out there?  Can’t figure out where to start?  These top ten lists will keep you updated and in the know about what’s being published for young adults in the graphic novel world.

♥  Graphic Novel Reporter

Uh oh, we’ve got competition out there that has seriously professional web design and wonderfully comprehensive information about graphic novels!  Never fear, that doesn’t stop us from wanting you to love them, too: read endless reviews, interviews, peruse resources, and join their community.  Oh yeah, and see what we one day aspire to be as a platform for all things graphic novels.

♥  Hyperbole and a Half

Seemingly simplistic drawings help to narrate the hilarious adolescent experiences of twenty-something blogger Allie Brosh.  “Do you like velociraptors, pirates, sharks and boats?” she poses. “Then you will probably like my blog!” Warning: do not read her posts in class, at work, in the library, or anywhere else you’re supposed to give the impression of quiet productivity – you will laugh out load.

The History of Comic Books

A completely too-detailed look at the extensive history of comic books. This time line spans the entire history of the graphic novel genre, from the 1920’s dime comics to the millennial-grunge reboot of classic franchises. Also includes short biographies and pictures of the movers and shakers in the Golden Age of comics. Although this blog’s focus is more modern graphic novels, this is where they all came from!

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